Ezhil Language – Website – updates – இணைய தளம் – updates

Recently I have opportunity to update Ezhil website for more usability. Since November, 2013, I have following features,

  1. Usability – Cookies
    1. Ezhil Website uses cookies to store your programs when you execute them.
    2. Cookies enable you to not lose your programs you have typed in the Ezhil website
    3. You can learn more about the Cookies technology
  2. Examples
    1. It is now possible to browse over 100 examples via Ezhil website
    2. This can help you to learn the Ezhil language
  3. Editor
    1. Default program loading in the Ezhil editor is hidden, and you won’t see the flashing of content
    2. Loading examples, or loading your old program from the Cookie will no longer select or highlight the text

These are development updates, thanks for continued interest Ezhil!

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