Learning Tamil + Vocabulary on Internet

Learning Tamil + Internet

Tamil being a classical language and all with kids not able to read or write it, and language stuck by standards and vocabulary written by old men in the pre – computer and digital stone age era it’s all time for change.  We need a fun modern way to learn the Tamil language.

Word Puzzles

Educational games in English language include puzzles like scrabble, jumbled words, matching, word building games to spend leisurely time as well as focused toward particular learning objectives. There are many Tamil applications for android and iPhone with quizzes, hangman like apps.

UrbanTamil Vocabulary

At UrbanTamil project we have believe there are modern approaches to learning the Tamil language and vocabulary. Keeping classical Tamil alive is very important.  But so is keeping popular language alive too. Capturing the usage and educating users is possible via Internet at a low total cost.

  1. Word of the day – via Twitter @urbantamil1 we publish a word and its meaning everyday, so that you may learn the language vocabulary easily
  2. Jumbled words – via http://urbantamil.com/jumble

Hope you have fun with these features, and leave your feedback in comments.

Urbantamil.com – Social Tamil dictionary – web app

Urbantamil.com – Social Tamil dictionary – web app

Today I’m setting up a new project and writing this blog to announce urbantamil.com which is live now. UrbanTamil, is like urbandictionary.com for Tamil, to provide a user centered, social dictionary building experience, and free reuse.


  1. You can lookup words in dictionary
    1. Use onscreen keyboard to lookup word
      Use onscreen keyboard to lookup word

      Results from lookup for word;
      Results from lookup for word;
  2. You have options for downloading or defining a word
    1. You can download definition as text file; you can also define the word
      You can download definition as text file; you can also define the word
  3. Users can add words as they are used in regional dialect (Chennai, Kovai, Madurai, Thanjai etc.); user can tag them with period usage, parts-of-speech (peyar sol, vinai sol etc);
  4. All content will be contributed back all the entries under CC SA 3.0 to Tamil Wiktionary.
  5.  You can define the word, and add custom information.
  6. You can define the word, and add custom information.
  7. Success screen follows upon correct upload to website
  8. Successful upload to website
    1. Successful upload to website
  9. Moreover users can correct (edit) existing words for spelling mistakes, usage, and define new words.

Goals of the project

  1. Language / Vernacular use
  2. Censorship free/Contemporary natural Tamil – from ஜிகிர்தண்டா (Jigirthanda) – கலாசல் (Kalasal)
  3. Language from Ceylon, Singapore, Canada – Tamil + Punjabi, Tamil + English etc variants
  4. Build a open vocabulary while having fun.


This project will be fun, and I hope you a user community can engage and develop out of the website urbantamil.com; I always welcome feedback, and let me know how you think of it – via email or comments on the blog.

-முத்து அண்ணாமலை