Ezhil Language Conference Articles

I’m happy to report that our collaboration has come up with 3 conference submissions for INFITT-2014 in Puducherry, India. While the articles are under review, I would like to only share the title and pending acceptance, the whole paper will be posted soon.


1. Learning Ezhil Language via Web

    Technical article on progress made in Ezhil Language and EzhilLang.org

2. Open-Tamil text processing tools

    Report efforts at Open-Tamil Python library for Tamil text processing

3. தமிழில் எப்படி நிரல் எழுதுவது ? – எழில் இணைய கருத்துக்கணிப்பு

    Survey results from poll conducted on Tamil programming language keywords

We are keeping our hands x-ed and we’ll see the outcomes by end of July, 2014.

Thanks to collaborators, @nchokkan, @msathia and @tshrinivasan.