Scratch – programming for children from MIT – not available in Tamil

Children like to learn by sharing stories, and characters, and themes. The Scratch project originally from the MIT Media lab, in Cambridge, MA, USA near Boston. As most engineers know, MIT has a great tradition of pioneering contributions to engineering field, and science from early 1900s.

Scratch is an impressive framework, and here is why,

  1. Scratch is designed for use on web, with a story-board and characters in a world
  2. Users, the children, then interact with this world by writing event handler code – this controls the character reactions to events.
  3. In this approach other language teaching tools have followed Scratch : Kids Ruby project.
  4. This is now called gamification in the edu-space.
  5. Scratch can be accessed on the Linux, Mac, Windows and also on the web using a Adobe Flash plugin
  6. Scratch is written in Smalltalk language, and has a history of over 25 years or so, morphing from its original form in the early 90s.

Learn more : at Scratch webpage

Ofcourse, my interests come from why Scratch is not ported to Tamil. Always. You can start helping bring this technology to Tamil students world wide by translating some strings into the Tamil language, now!.
Best Regards

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