Programming Languages and Tamil Computing – Ezhil Language and Beyond

Programming Language and Tamil Computing : Ezhil Language and Beyond

This is a new kind of blog post – sharing with the whole world, my discussion with some collaborators and friends.

Participants: Arun Ram, Elango Cheran, and Muthu Annamalai

Ezhil Language Tamil Programming
Ezhil Language Tamil Programming

Date: 05/16/15

Points of discussion:
I propose the following agenda for our 45min – 1hr meeting on Saturday, 05/16/2015 at 10 PM (EDT) on Google Hangouts.

1. How to make it easy for crossing bi-lingual barrier ?
2. Develop a more standardized Tamil kanimai/niralakkam vocabulary
3. Developing for ‘Tamil Focused’ software development
4. Discuss volunteering experiences in Tamil community; Ezhil experience
5. Developing documentation for end user, APIs, tutorials/books
6. Opportunities for collaborating between Ezhil and CLJ-Thamil
7. Discussion of Trie based approaches to Unicode Tamil letter collation

1. Participants agree Tamil computing is useful at elementary level to show people from non bi-lingual
backgrounds “unnal mudiyum thambi/thangachi”
2. Elango, and Arun Ram propose a functional language based approach to learn computing in Tamil
3. Muthu touched upon some of structural aspects in rolling out the technology to students/target-audience
4. Arun Ram and Muthu agreed on ideas of Gamification to support the technology rollout to circumvent bureaucracy
KidsRuby project which Muthu had translated to Tamil was a good example. Also Hour of Code used “Frozen”
Disney movie character based animations.
5. Elango said the grammar of Tamil language need not be followed in the programming language
6. Muthu emphasized Ezhil has a grammar that models the Tamil SOVA structure, compared to English SVOA.
7. All of us agreed that we could open up the keyword ratification/standardization again. Some of Ezhil language
survey results are found in the INFITT-2014 paper “How can you write code in Tamil” (Tamil paper).
8. Muthu suggested necessity of “soolal” surroundings of the Tamil computing environment like, books and articles
on data structures and algorithms, puzzles, etc., etc.
9. Muthu and Elango spoke on issues with Unicode standard for Tamil, UTF-8 and alternative TACE-16. However both
of them agreed that Unicode current standard is workable for developing Tamil software.
10. Muthu appreciated the efforts of CLJ-Thamil Clojure project, and suggested Elango to think of making it interactive
and web based like and possibly rolling it out to Android platform.

Action items:
1. Act to re-open the keyword survey and suggest the results to the Tamil-VU or other INFITT technical groups.

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