open-tamil ச|வா|வால்|வாசல்|சவால்

Open-Tamil : anagrams / palindrome / combinations / generate all valid sub words


My recent work from this weekend added some tools to the  solthiruthi – framework for word play #75 . This change introduces easy ways to do,

  1. Generate Anagrams
  2. Generate Combinations of words
  3. Check if word is a plaindrome

Combinagrams – all sub-words

Particularly you can use the open-tamil API listed below, to generate list of all sub-words within a word.


import tamil
from solthiruthi.dictionary import *
TVU_dict = DictionaryBuilder.create(TamilVU)
word = u’சவால்’

which gives you the output, ச|வா|வால்|வாசல்|சவால்


The algorithm for combinagrams makes use of combination generators, and filters each permutations further generated from every such combination using a publicly avialable word-list like the Tamil VU dictionary provided with open-tamil.
Finally we get a list of all possible legal words from a given word.

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