Chennai Flooding – Rescue and Reasons


You can’t change some of the cards you are dealt with; a 375 yr old city is only 3m above mean-sea-level – surprise! And the tacvwwrdwuwaatjsjllest point (naturally occuring) on the city is right across from the airport – St. Thomas mount. The city receives peak rainfall in November, every year – mostly, and a city that has been diligently rainwater harvesting since 1987 (, and citizens negotiate flooded roads annually this deluge is a surprise; to receive ( 1450mm of rains in November when you expect an average of 500mm of rain. Follow that with a historic freak 345mm rain on day of Dec 2nd – 3rd. Perfect storm. A 1-2 k.o.

And when a city falls to its knees only a few gracious editorials have come up; one such is worth reading and sharing:…/articles…/50029258.cms ‪#‎Madras‬ ‪#‎NallaMadras‬

The rescue and recovery will be long like that of Hurricane Katrina, of 2005 in New Orleans in the USA. Let us persist and keep our heads up.

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