Good CS/algorithms textbooks 2

Earlier last week I posted a small collection of books from memory about Good CS/algorithms textbooks 1


Continuing on the same theme lets see a few more good books,

  1. The C++ Programming Language, 2nd-4th Ed., by Bjarne Stroustrup, link
  2. The C Programming Language, 2nd Ed, Brian Kernighan, Dennis Ritchie, link
  3. Numerical Computing with MATLAB, Cleve Moler link
  4. Matrix Computations, Gene Golub and Charles Van Loan link
  5. Introduction to Computation and Programming with Python, John Guttag (2013 ed), link
  6. SICP Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, Ableson and Sussman, link
  7. Little  Schemer, Daniel Friedman and Mattias, link

We can consider good workbooks like ‘Let Us C’, ‘Programming in C’, and books by Dietel and Dietel as trade books, lacking somewhat in style and conceptions. Books you are unlikely to gain more from while you read the second or third times.



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