open-tamil -conference articles (2014, ’16, ’17)

Thanks to our co-authors and open-tamil collaborators [Shrinivasan, Arulalan, Sathia Narayanan, among others], we were able to submit 3 articles to INFITT conferences in 2014, 2016, and 2017 respectively.

This year too with some luck we hope to make it to the TIC 2018. We are in process of drafting another article for upcoming 2018 Tamil Internet Conference in Coimbatore, India, to report additional developments from our team. We will be having a somewhat larger author list to properly acknowledge contributors – old and new.

At this time for our own review, we recollect the prior three research articles published about open-tamil (in chronological order) they are:

  1. “Open-Tamil text processing tools,” (2014) Tamil Internet Conference at Puducherry, India : here (Aug, 2014)
  2. “Developments in Open-Tamil library,” (2016) Tamil Internet Conference at Dindugul, India : here (2016)
  3. “Tamil open-source landscape: opportunities and challenges,” (2017) Tamil Internet Conference, UT-Scarborough, Toronto, Canada : here (June, 2017)


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