Tamilpesu.us update – Text Summarizer

Tamilpesu.us updated on Aug 8th. This brings all bug fixes of the development in Open-Tamil from March 2018 to present, and new functionality via Tamil text summarizer. This works on text analysis of essay input to split into sentences and words, and forms a correlation matrix to develop a score based off that we pull sentences from text into final summary. Give it a try http://tamilpesu.us/

Text summarizer output of the article from The Hindu Tamil newspaper. Its quite relevant summary in this case, providing an agreeable output.

Unfortunately we are not able to put the Tamil word classifier [using SciKit Learn and Python] online since currently the Python/Django dependency on AWS machine is incompatible; wait for that in future or try it out by yourself.

Thanks to all our contributors, as always to keep this volunteer work going.