Artful Arisuvadi – Tamil Alphabet Nomograms

Some weeks ago I started playing with and made a bunch of alphabet nomogram style pictures with Easel JS. Its interesting to think of possibilities.

Canonical Tamil has 12 + 1 vowels [உயிர்], 18 consonants [மெய்] and 12×18 = 216 [உயிர்மெய்] conjugate letters. Together the can be arranged in a Table of named column [12 for vowels] and named rows [18 for consonants] and cells of row-column at the conjugate letters.

I posted several images on Twitter; first one based on 3 concentric circles arrangement of the letters.

Arisuvadi – (C) 2018 Muthu Annamalai

Another image based on sunflower-spiral:

Arisuvadi – (C) 2018 Muthu Annamalai

The other based on a logarithmic spiral: 

Arisuvadi – (C) 2018 Muthu Annamalai

Another image looks to illustrate vowels and consonants as an interactive widget where you select uyir and mei letters from the outer + inner circles to form the uyirmei conjugate letter in the center.

Arisuvadi – (c) 2018 Muthu Annamalai