Ezhil, Open-Tamil conference articles – 2017

One of major achievements of last year has been collecting inputs from our team and writing up two important papers – one for historical review and other for collective call to action on great opportunity that is Tamil open-source software.


We also take time to thank all co-authors who have pulled together their efforts at short notice to make these research works happen! Together these two papers represent a value of tens of thousands of Indian rupees, or more in the making (going by estimates of other Tamil software foundations).

We also thank conference organizers for partial travel grant toward making this presentation happen. Thank you!

Conference Articles – 2017

Ezhil, Open-Tamil conference articles – 2017 presented at Tamil Internet Conference, August, 2017, in Toronto, Canada. Both the papers were well received and good academic and development points were debated at the forum.

  1. Ezhil – எழில் மொழி பொது பயன்பாட்டிற்கும், வெளியீடு நோக்கிய சவால்களும்
    • This paper summarizes the path taken by Ezhil from inception toward delivering a fully installable product on Windows 64/32bit, Linux (Unbutnu, Fedora) systems, and offers a meditation on how students and teachers may adopt this product, and future pathways.
    • Presentation slides are here on slideshare.
  2. Open-Tamil / Open Source in Tamil – Tamil Open-Source Landscape – Opportunities and Challenges_MA_2017_final 
    • Some important contributions of this paper show collective interest in Tamil open-source which outpaces the other languages with larger speaking-population. This is a key indicator to develop better pathways to bring new developers and train them into developing Tamil software
    • GitHub Tamil language repositories
      GitHub Tamil language repositories compared with other languages, as measure of software developers interest.
    • Presentation slides are at slide-share

For questions and queries on these articles, please write to us at ezhillang@gmail.com or leave your comments below.

Ezhil Language Foundation


2016 ஆண்டு நடப்பு அறிக்கை

உங்களுக்கு 2017 தை பொங்கல், மற்றும் புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துக்கள். இந்த கட்டுரையில் சென்ற ஆண்டில் நாங்கள் செய்த தமிழ் மென்பொருள் மேம்பாடுகள், வெளியீடுகள் பற்றி எழுதியுள்ளேன். தமிழ் கணிமை, மென்பொருள் போன்றது மெதுவாக வளர்ந்தாலும், இலக்கை நினைவுகொள்ளும் வகையில், என்றும் “eyes on the prize” போல, படிமேல் படி வைத்து செல்லுவோமாக.

We released important software updates in 2016 and entered the phase of Android application development fully. Our particular software releases and contributions from last year are documented here. As always I cannot be more thankful to everyone that collaborated, reviewed and most importantly contributed code in the pursuit of open-source Tamil computing.

  1. Ezhil Language code was maintained and updated several times last year. Our releases were,

  1. Open-Tamil project had several success too; we published our latest updates and developments in the Tamil Internet Conference at Dindugul, TamilNadu in 2016. Particularly the Open-Tamil was extended to work in Java as well laying foundation for easily developing Android apps.

    • v0.65 on Oct 22nd, 2016

    • v0.6 on Jan 10th, 2016

  1. We released the Kalsee app, a simple talkback Tamil calculator on Google Play Store; this app was also open-sourced at github where the concatenative synthesis technology maybe re-shared

  1. Karunakaran, graduating senior (final-year) from CS Engineering program, at S.K.P. Engineering college Thiruvannamalai, contributed an Android App for learning Ezhil language and using the website. We supported his work with a small scholarship.

  1. We conceived and created the MinMadurai project to bring published public domain works of Project Madurai to Android phones in an offline format. This project is under development with a alpha version software at Play Store.

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