Ezhil code-freeze | rc1 v0.99


At Team Ezhil we proposed to declare code-freeze for Ezhil for reaching v1.0 stable builds on major platforms. In this regard today the release candidate 1 for v0.99 is ready. During this process we addressed some long standing interpreter (core) bugs and updated examples for aesthetic comments.

  1. Windows 64b package at  ezhillang.org, source forge.
  2. Linux (Ubuntu 64b amd/x86) package at ezhillang, source forge.
  3. People interested to build for other platforms (Mac OSX, Fedora and Win32) are requested to get in touch with ezhil team.

At this time I welcome:

  • contributors and reviewers to use and provide early feedback before final version is released.
  • Errors by omissions and additions or typos are requested to be brought to our attention.

For questions and comments: ezhillang@gmail.com.

San José, California.